On a Midsummer’s night in 1972, two tourists are found murdered in a tent, far up in the mountains of North Sweden, near the small town of Blackwater. An incident that intersects the lives of three random people, intertwining their destinies for better and for worse. And which, after years of repression, is brought back to life, interfering with the lives they now lead.

The series is based on Kerstin Ekman’s award-winning novel Händelser Vid Vatten. 

Head Writer: Maren Louise Käehne
Swedish adaption: Karin Ahrrenius
Based on: Hændelser ved vand by Kerstin Ekman
Director: Mikael Marcimain
Producer: Piv Bernth
Executive Producer: Lars Hermann
Co-produced by: ARD Degeto and Filmpool Nord
Original title: Hændelser ved vand
Broadcaster: SVT

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